• Our full time nurse (Health and Wellness Director) discreetly supervises each resident's care needs
  • Assistance (cueing, monitoring & observing, providing reminders and supervision of activities including scheduled bathing 2 times per week, dressing, grooming, ambulating, orientation, night-time care)
  • Medication supervision
  • Emergency call response system
  • Trained staff available 24-hours a day
  • Three delicious well balanced meals served restaurant style daily, with snacks and beverages readily available during the day
  • Individual assessment of personal and healthcare needs at move-in and regular intervals



ugusta Gardens offers an All Inclusive Rate Plan which means that all resident care services are included in the monthly suite lease fee. Your rates remain the same for the entire year even though your individual care needs may increase over time.

Augusta Gardens Active Living

Our Assisted Living Service Programs are focused on nurturing residents to help them reach their maximum potential. Our team seeks to foster independence rather than dependence, and to be sensitive to the individuality, privacy and freedom of choice to which our residents are entitled. Caring is who we are, not simply a service we provide.

In Assisted Living we offer four levels of service and care designed to best complement the needs of our residents:

Augusta Gardens Service Programs

Designed for residents who need minimal assistance with activities of daily living, but need the warmth and social environment offered by Augusta Gardens. Includes the Residential Suite and all of the Basic Care elements listed under Basic Services.

Augusta Gardens Supportive Living

Offers moderate assistance with the activities of daily living. Includes heavier assistance for activities of daily living including bathing, dressing, transferring, eating, ambulating, etc. Additional baths, housekeeping, linens and personal laundry are included as needed. Also includes assistance with bladder and/or bowel incontinence using Augusta Gardens Continence Management Program. Frequency of status checks are performed throughout the day.

Augusta Gardens Enhanced Living

Offers maximum level of assistance with activities of daily living. Includes the greatest assistance for activities of daily living with hands on assistance and support. Two-hour status checks are performed throughout the day and evening hours. Incontinence management is provided by staff to include two hour toileting of the resident. Includes personalized care program including management of adult briefs or pull ups, skin moisturizing cream, sanitary wipes and gloves, and over the bed protection. Excessive baths and additional housekeeping are provided with this program.

Memory Care Suite at The BrookSM

Residents at The BrookSM receive all of the services and amenities outlined in the Augusta Gardens Living Services Plan combined with the services provided by the Augusta Gardens Enhanced Living program.

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